Andrews Brewing Company

The Dirty Soul Revival Lawn Chair Concert Series

September 12, 2015 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Location: Andrews Brewing Company (565 Aquone Road Andrews NC 28901 US)
Tickets: Dirty Soul Revival: 5.00 $

The Dirty Soul revival is an Asheville, NC based musical ensemble formed in 2014. They came together over a shared love of musical influences including but not limited to: Tim McGraw, cat sex, The theme from the ending credits to Mario kart 8, Yoko Ono’s etherial screech, and any music played at any Shoney’s breakfast buffet.

The band began when Abraham Drinkin’ met Trixie Laroux at a Western Sizzlin’ buffet tray. They reached for the last piece of all you could eat catfish when their hands met and magic sparked. Two hours later they were married. Some years later while attending a 50 shades of gray book signing they met Gavin, A self described pokemon master from the land of Narnia. As luck would have it Gavin also played the bass guitar(kind of), and the band was formed. Currently they are playing their original music everywhere they can and bringing their own form of debauchery with them as they go.