Andrews Brewing Company

Back South Lawn Chair Concert Series

Back South
Lawn Chair Concert Series
September 26, 2015 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Location: Andrews Brewing Company (565 Aquone Road Andrews NC 28901 US)
Tickets: Back South: 5.00 $

Back South is a fusion of roots music genres leaning heavily on Piedmont Carolina styles mixed with the flavors of the Delta and North Mississippi, country blues…..along with a nasty bite of the Swamps.

The music is high energy gasoline driven, shake rattle and roll, guaranteed to make ya move,boogie-woogie throw-your-glass-in-the-fire kind of music.
Good times – revolution in the making – down by the river revival.

Born in the hills of Asheville NC and raised on the rich music flavors of the south, Back South will take ya’ back south.

The tunes are honed from the poetic harmonies of southern music genre blending- element of roots rock, southern gospel and dirty blues … put AUTHENTIC & ORIGINAL in a bowl and mix it – then chomp it down like a blue tick hound!!

Instruments–or Things From The Yard:

Todd: Hammers-thumbs-n-nails the CIGARBOX GUITARBOX ‘lowebow’ 4 string guitar bass glued together broom sticks with Native American feathers, strings, splattered paint and a dangerous voice.
On 6 string it’s a piedmont style drive-y BOTTLE-NECK SLIDE GUITAR calling back south to another time.

Willaye: Rattles-beats-n-abuses a CHICKEN COOP (sans chicken) with the intensity of a prison break on a full-moon
Dances-n-stabs Shakes-it-until-he-break-it on the WASHBOARD –

Andy: on DRUMS holds it all together…keeps eye on the flock —N– keeps chaos from ensuing.

“The trio sounds as big as a train,
with juke-joint steam
and the rolling thunder of a hurricane.” – Jboy Coin