Frank & Allie

Written by Eric Carlson on May 1, 2017
August 26, 2017 @ 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Frank & Allie

Come on down to the prettiest little music venue in the mountains for an evening of old-time, country blues, and spirital pieces from Frank Lee and Allie Burbrink.

Frank Lee and Allie Burbrink present songs and tunes from the rural Southern, spanning bluegrass, old time, country blues, and spirituals. After a few years of collaborating, they took their duo act on the road in January 2016, with Frank playing guitar, slide guitar, and banjo and Allie playing guitar, banjo, and harmonica. They can be heard trading off lead and harmony vocals in their duo and with their old time string band The Freight Hoppers.

A passion for traditional songs and tunes from the rural South has fueled Frank’s love of performing for the past 40 years. As a founding member of The Freight Hoppers, he has shared this passion with audiences all over the United States, Canada, and northern Europe. His repertoire has a range of old time music that spans raw Blues from the Mississippi Delta to the hillbilly music recorded in the 1920s. Banjo players all over the world study and emulate Frank’s signature clawhammer sound.

Allie Burbrink is a founding member of The Whipstitch Sallies, a bluegrass-influenced band from Indiana that toured in North Carolina, Colorado, and Hawaii in addition to a busy local schedule. She has relocated to North Carolina, where she teaches Wernick Method Bluegrass Jam classes as well as performs in the duo and with The Freight Hoppers.

Frank and Allie produce live-streaming online concerts and banjo lessons through Concert Window. They are organizing an old time music retreat in the Great Smoky Mountains March 31-April 2 called the Banjo-Fiddle Frolic. You can also find Frank’s screen-printed t-shirt designs in their online store. Visit to learn more about their endeavors.

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