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    AUTHOR: // CATEGORY: Concert Series

    It was early August 2013 when Jarrod Couch and Thomas Allison decided they were ready to move up from playing on the streets of Asheville, NC. Having written some songs, gained some experience, and thickened their hides to the public, Allison and Couch took their operation to their long-time friend and musical wizard Colby Deitz (who was currently playing in the band Perfect Third). Through an odd chemistry that only comes from growing up together, the trio developed a likeminded sense of direction, fusing different influences, styles, and talents, to begin creating a sound that was entirely their own. However, it wasn’t until the boys first practiced with Seamus Moose — after a chance encounter at a local bar — that the band became Mangas Colorado. The Led-Zeppelin enthusiast with mounds of knowledge and a background in guitar would soon become the band’s bassist.

    Adding its fourth and final member, Mangas Colorado quickly became established as one of the most intriguing acts in the local music scene. With Deitz on guitar (and occasionally mandolin), Couch on banjo, Moose on bass, and Allison on everything from high-hat to piano, Mangas Colorado developed a dynamic, attention-grabbing show. Perhaps one of their most impressive talents is their vocal harmony, in four parts, which captures the audience time and time again.

    This young, energetic group from Cullowhee, NC cites a broad range of influences, from The Eagles to the Avett Brothers. They draw from a unique blend of sounds rooted in southern rock, classic country, and folk and singer-songwriter music. Their unrelenting stage presence, often exhibited by Deitz’s kick drum and the various auxiliary percussion instruments that drive their emotive, high-energy sound, result in one unforgettable performance. Mangas Colorado released their EP, “Call You Home,” in October 2013 and their debut album “Dawn” in January 2014.

    Saturday, September 27th 6:00 – 8:30
    $5 cover charge


    AUTHOR: // CATEGORY: Concert Series

    Copious Jones is an original rock band from Atlanta, Ga, consisting of 3 friends from music school who joined creative forces with 3 respected veterans from the local jazz/Latin scene. This incredible group balances a wide-variety of styles with melodic and meaningful lyrics to create a unique and ever-evolving musical experience. In June 2013, just 3 years after forming, Copious Jones signed with Kevon Glickman and international industry powerhouse, Blingnot Media. This partnership has already secured the band a spot in the 10th Annual Mountain Jam Festival, as well as the 8th Annual Bear Creek Music Festival, and opened the doors to a whole new realm of possibilities which Copious Jones is exploring with their sights set high.

    Audience members of all generations and walks of life can be found in the mix of fans at a Copious Jones show. Since the band’s inception in 2010, these guys have quickly gone from being unrecognized on the local dive-bar scene to playing regularly in some of Atlanta’s most reputable venues and headlining local and regional festivals. They’ve also begun making appearances at national festivals and look forward to playing New York’s, Mountain Jam this coming June, as well as Florida’s, Bear Creek, in November.

    Every passing day adds a little more to the amazing story of these talented musicians. Though still a relatively young band, they have decades of combined musical experience and have already attracted attention from many notable figures in the music industry such as: Chuck Leavell (The Allman Brothers, The Rolling Stones), Rob Barraco (Phil Lesh & Friends, Dark Star Orchestra) and Paul Diaz, owner of Tree Sound Studios (Elton John, Dave Matthews, Collective Soul).

    2014 will find Copious Jones either in the studio creating music, or on the road solidifying and expanding their very-rapidly growing fan-base. Truly an experience, this band embodies the spirit so-often forgotten in popular music these days.

    Saturday, October 4th 5:00 – 7:00
    $5 cover charge


    AUTHOR: // CATEGORY: Concert Series

    An artist’s lifetime is sometimes dictated by the heights they reach, the reaction they register or the body of work compiled during their working years. Chris Duarte is certainly making a case for his body of work he’s producing, this being number eleven of releases, but is he achieving the right reaction for his efforts? With the release of Chris Duarte’s latest opus, ‘My Soul Alone’, Chris Duarte is still reaching for new ground while also throwing out some of his best blues work to date. The maturity in the phrasing and melodic statements are a far cry from the early raw days of his first few releases. This could only be achieved through relentless roadwork that allows Chris to ply his trade and to work and rework melodic ideas. “I can practice all day in my basement but it’s a totally different ballgame when I get on stage. More of a physical dynamic is the currency I trade in when I’m playing live.” Even though Chris is in the studio, I can hear him getting more physical while there.

    Big Legged Woman

    We can’t deny Hendrix is a big muse for Chris and it’s plainly stated in this album. ‘Outta My Way’ is a spot on Hendrixian nod but obviously with Chris’s style thrown in the mix. Starting off with a hard driving riff but then it opens up with the patented Hendrix 7th chord accents that propel this rocket of a song on its way. The guitar accents are vocal like and at times a frenzy. The quirky lead in to the middle solo is typical of the twists and turns for originality and lends to it that ‘turn-on-a-dime’ wildness that should be present in songs like this; Hendrixian. The next Jimi offering is ‘Can’t Shut Me Out’. First the riff at the top and in comes the effects drenched guitar. With an almost vocal like quality to the guitar the phrasing is no doubt from Jimi and the driving rhythm underneath enables all the elements to come together when the vocals start. The interlude at the top of the chorus is the only departure from the Hendrix mode but it plays well with the chorus hook shouted out. Another adrenalin driving guitar vehicle and I wouldn’t expect anything less on this album. This is the CDG we’ve come to know and love.

    My Way Down

    My opinion is that this is a level up in Chris’s all around skills. His songwriting is getting better, vocals phrasing and lyrics are better and his tone is still a marvel at how dexterous he can be with the varying styles he continues to display time and time again. Watching Chris grow has not been meteoric but it’s been steady and he’s still getting better on the guitar. In a time when most of our legends have been content to rest on their laurels and continue to mine familiar ground, it’s both a pleasure and refreshing to see that Chris always wants to expand and grow even after over 20 years of being on the road. Not many have the energy in them to do that and not many have the soul to pull it off.

    Saturday, October 11th 5:00 – 7:00
    $5 cover charge


    AUTHOR: // CATEGORY: Concert Series

    Lux Deluxe had a very specific goal for their new album, It’s a Girl, out April 15 on SpiritHouse Music. It’s the second LP from a group that has clearly hit its stride, and at an enviable age: the oldest of them is just 22, and they play with rare self-assurance. It shows on It’s a Girl.

    “What we wanted it to be, more than anything, was a coherent piece of art you can listen to all the way through,” says bassist Jacob Rosazza, who is one of the band’s two primary songwriters, along with singer Ned King.

    It’s a Girl is certainly that. Lux Deluxe wanted the album to reflect their combustible live performances. To get there, they spent the better part of two years honing their songs and their sound, merging the divergent personalities of the musicians — three cousins who have been playing together for a decade, and two friends — into one distinct band identity that reflects the strengths they’ve been developing since joining forces in 2009 in Northampton, Mass.

    “This record is a lot more about the band than the songs,” says Rosazza. “You really get the vibe of the band.”

    That’s not to downplay the songs. It’s a Girl features 10 smart, catchy tunes that evoke Lux Deluxe’s influences — think revered veterans like the Beatles, Dire Straits and NRBQ, along with latter-day favorites including Wilco and Dr. Dog — while moving the band out from under their shadow. You can hear it in King’s easy drawl over a tight bassline and swirls of keyboards from Gabe Bernini on opener “So Far Away,” or in the way “The Last Volunteer” builds from a looping keyboard line and King’s vocals to thick ropes of noisy guitar from Caleb Rosazza uncoiling over a rock-solid beat laid down by drummer Jake Edwards. The lush sound of strings sweeps through the synth-centric “What You Need,” while a tangle of punchy, in-your-face guitars leaps out of “Talk to Her.” On every song, there’s always something more to discover, which was very much by design.

    “When I listen to a record, I like to hear stuff I didn’t notice the first time,” King says.

    The band’s attention to detail is a valuable asset, especially in a place like Northampton: it takes more than luck to stand out in a western Massachusetts scene that is home to a wide array of acclaimed musicians, including members of Sonic Youth, the Pixies and Dinosaur Jr.

    “You want to earn the respect of those people, you want them to notice you,” King says. “Becoming a serious band here means earning your place. It’s a high bar, but it’s a good bar to set for yourself, to always be better.”

    It’s a Girl is the work of a decidedly serious band, and with it Lux Deluxe has earned a place among the ranks of acts well worth paying attention to.

    Saturday, October 25th 5:00 – 7:00
    $5 cover charge

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